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Trisheana of Moving Mountains Coaching provides relatable masters level coaching that helps individuals and couples develop positive habits, improve communication, and manage stress.

Discover the Ultimate Path to Your Best Self

Are you being held back by stress, obstacles, and trauma? Maybe, it seems impossible to bounce back and find your new normal after dealing with the covid pandemic!

Do you often look at your life and feel like you could have achieved so much more had it not been for the mental and emotional baggage you can’t seem to shake?

If you are finding yourself unable to move forward with your mind feeling anxious is in a never-ending spiral of negativity and stress, then it’s time for you to move beyond the challenges holding you back and live the life you desire and deserve.

With the best coaching support… There Is Hope 

You can break free from struggling with:

  • A negative self-image
  • Inability to break negative habits
  • Suffering from emotional Stress
  • Troubling relationships
  • Overwhelming anxiety
  • Overcoming trauma

Yes, you can break free from whatever has been holding you back and keeping you hostage! With the right support, you can overcome anxiety and live a more productive, happy and empowered life. It is possible for you to improve your confidence, focus, and belief so you can achieve your dreams!

Invest in yourself!  Learn the Secrets to:

  • living a more fulfilled and satisfying life
  • moving beyond the pain of the past
  • replacing negativity with positive habits
  • taking bold steps towards your dreams

No matter what you’re going through, there’s a way to move past it all and live life on your own terms. The life you dreamed of and desire is possible for you!

How Moving Mountains Coaching Will Help Change Your Life

Your Own Relatable One-On-One Coach

Unlike 99% of the modern coaches out there, I don’t subject my clients to pre-recorded videos and generic advice. Each of our sessions would be one-on-one and tailored to you. I happily share my secrets and personal experiences to help you overcome your hurdles.

Inner Peace

Battling your inner monsters alone is like going to war without weapons. In our sessions, I’ll guide you through the process of coming to terms with trauma, pain, and fear. You will be enabled to live life with more peace and achieve balance. You’ll finally be free to move on to follow your life goals.

Better Relationships

Countless people face obstacles that keep them from loving or being loved. Our sessions will help you overcome them and allow you to increase your belief in your own value, develop positive lasting relationships, find love, and achieve more intimacy in your life.

The Life You've Always Dreamed Of is Within Reach - Take It!

After overcoming my darkest times, I realized that “Every Mountain Can Be Moved If You are Willing To Take The First Step™”. I lost a lot! But found the strength to keep moving forward. I was able to steer my life in a positive direction that allowed me to move beyond my own crisis and trauma.  Your own mountains are waiting for you to take that first step to move them!

Don’t let stress, anxiety, trauma, or low self-esteem take more from you than they have already.

NOW is the time to begin your life anew and find happiness. Get your stress coaching package today!

We’re currently offering our coaching packages at bonus prices:



1 Transformational Coaching Session

actual value: $185 – you save $30



9 Transformational Coaching Session

actual value: $740 – you save $296



9 Transformational Coaching Sessions

actual value: $1665 – you save $777



13 Transformational Coaching Session

actual value: $2405 – you save $1294

Start Today With Stress Management Coach & Move Your Mountains

Not sure which areas of your life you need help with? Book a New Client Session for $44 only. We’ll identify your problem areas and let you know the best way forward.

Please Note: These bonus prices above are part of a limited offer. My schedule fills up quickly and only allows limited slots for these individual sessions. Purchase your package today to guarantee your space in my schedule.

Take back control of your life.

Guidance to Survive & Thrive

I’m Trisheana Barzar Hunter, founder of Moving Mountains Coaching, and I once lived my life suffocated by pain, anxiety, and trauma. I have overcome my share of obstacles and moved mountains I never dreamed of! I discovered the secrets to overcoming obstacles and moving mountains in my life. These are the secrets I look forward to passing on to you so you can move mountains in your own life!

I faced circumstances and pain I was certain would break me. Today, I help men, women, and couples worldwide manage stress, overcome anxiety, PTSD, trauma, and pain. It is my passion and my purpose to pass these lessons, tools, and secrets to YOU!!!

My individualized approach has helped hundreds of people build a positive self-concept, improve responses to life and job stress, develop lasting positive habits, and learn healthy approaches to sexuality free from judgment or shame.

Transform Into Your Best Self

Your best self is within! You deserve support dedicated to helping you find it. Together, we will develop a personalized plan for your success! As your coach, my purpose is to help you become the happy, productive, and confident, individual you were always meant to be.

Here's What Past Clients Have to Say About the Program

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