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Pyramid Coaching Package


The Pyramid Coaching Package for just $1225 is for those who want ultimate support in creating change in their lives. This is for those fed up with feeling stuck, those who want to create lasting positive change, take control of their lives and receive ultimate support in shifting their focus and reaching their goals. Package includes 

* 14 Transformational Coaching Sessions 

* Three-15 minute Client Check In 

* Bi-Weekly Coaching Recaps 

* Accountability emails from your life coach. 

Elevation Coaching Package


The Elevation Coaching Package for just $944 is designed to help you maximize your results by receiving the support you need to accomplish your goals, improve self confidence to go after what you really want with a clear pathway to your purpose. Get the guidance you need to organize and  transform your life! Package includes: 

10 Transformational Coaching Sessions  

* Two-15 minute Client Check in 

* Bi- Weekly Coaching Recaps 

Climb Coaching Package


Book the 6 session Climb package for just $655. This package is for those are just getting started on their transformation journey and prefer moderate, short term support in creating positive transformation, releasing negativity, and focusing their energy on living a more empowered fulfilling life. Package includes:  123123 123123 123123 123 123 123 12123 123 123 123 123 123 123 12123 123 123 123 123

* 6 Transformational Coaching Sessions

* One-15 Minute Client Check In 

Monthly Coaching Recaps 


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Overcoming Pain, Crisis and Trauma
Life can be difficult. We are faced with illness, pain, crisis and trauma. When this happens to us, it can seem impossible to move forward. Our goals can seem beyond our reach because our vision is blocked by what we have been thought. We begin to feel stuck. Fear even sets in and prevents us from taking the steps towards living the life we desire and deserve. Working with Masters Certified Transformational Life Coach, Trisheana Barzar Hunter provides a unique coaching experience to helping you to develop a step by step plan to a more empowered and fulfilling life. Trisheana has experienced, pain crisis and trauma and understands how what you you have faced may be holding you back. With a patient and compassionate approach to coaching and supporting clients, Trisheana helps you to work past your personal fears and barriers and help you develop a workable plan empowering you to begin taking the steps on a clearer path to achieving your goals and living the life you deserve.

Removing Obstacles
Sometimes our obstacles seem larger than life or as big as a mountain. Working with Transformational Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker Trisheana Barzar Hunter will help you to break down your obstacles into manageable steps and empower you to create the powerful change necessary to move the mountains in your own life. Trisheana is certified in Emotional Intelligence and holds a Masters in Psychology. Her background and experiences help her to provide you with a compassionate and productive approach to coaching experience. She is dedicated to helping you clearly identify what you want most and working with you to develop a plan to help you get there, while supporting you every step of the way

Be Your Best Self
Life is full of opportunities and barriers. As your life coach, my priority is to helping you identify the internal and external barriers that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams. Together we will identify the steps needed to create the life you deserve. My life coaching process empowers you to focus on your self care, release negativity and focus your energy and efforts on creating the peaceful and fulfilled life you deserve.

Live Your Dreams
Creating powerful change in your life can seem overwhelming. Personal transformation is not easy. Working with a trained life coach empowers you to look at your your obstacles as well as your goals in order to develop a manageable step by step plan will help you move past your fears, focus on your goals, and accomplish more than you ever imagined.

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